AGH University and Krakow Technology Park to lead the Polish site of NATO defence innovation accelerator within the DIANA programme

On the 14th of March 2024, a new map of NATO defence innovation accelerator sites within the Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA) programme has been published. According to the map, the AGH University of Krakow and the Krakow Technology Park (KPT) are to jointly lead the Polish site of NATO defence innovation accelerator – Krakow DIANA Accelerator.

The main areas of activity of Krakow DIANA Accelerator will be to support the implementation of acceleration programmes in terms of technological solutions required to ensure security and defence of all NATO’s allied countries. For Poland, this is an opportunity to support the technological modernisation of the defence sector and the development of companies in dual-use emerging and disruptive technologies (EDT), both for civilian and defence purposes. The business acceleration is to be mostly provided by KPT, whereas the technological acceleration and the access to research and laboratory infrastructure by the AGH University. DIANA cooperates with start-ups and companies across the Alliance selected in competitions, supporting them financially, in training and mentoring, as well as providing access to a wide network of investors and industry representatives.

The goal of the DIANA accelerator created by NATO is to connect competences of researchers, innovators, and start-ups collaborating on deep tech solutions with units in the defence and military sector. DIANA’s area of interests includes new, cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data processing, space, quantum, autonomous, information, and communication technologies, as well as biotechnology, and modern materials.

The development of technologies with the potential for the so-called dual use will allow their dynamic development, further commercialisation, and quicker adaptation by the NATO allies. The consortium of the AGH University and KPT has been established with the aim to improve the acceleration potential of Poland, and joining the DIANA network translates into an enormous opportunity to create a national innovation ecosystem drawing from the best practices of the NATO ecosystem, which already includes more than 200 affiliates within the DIANA network today.

The participation in the accelerator is coordinated by the Department of Innovation at the Ministry of National Defence which actively supports Poland’s input into the DIANA programme.

The AGH University has appointed a Rector’s Proxy for NATO, Izabela Albrycht, a member of the NATO Advisory Group on Emerging and Disruptive Technologies in 2020-2022, whereas the Krakow Technology Park has appointed a proxy for dual-use technologies, Bartosz Józefowski.

More information about the DIANA programme is available at:

Information on the Polish site of the NATO defence innovation accelerator is available at:


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