#CETEF24 – Meet Our Partners! - Student’s Union Of Polish Universities Of Technology

Student’s Union Of Polish Universities Of Technology is a sectoral commission of the Student Parliament of the Republic of Poland and brings together 33 student governments of technical universities, providing a space for discussion and learning since 2006.

We work for the students as well as the member governments, collectively developing and exchanging knowledge. FUT, as an excellent platform for sharing experiences rooted in the academic community of technical universities, seeks creative and innovative solutions to student issues while respecting the law and university autonomy. The forum consolidates the technical university environment, caring for common interests and thus emphasizing the position of higher technical education in Poland. Our main asset is a strongly cohesive community where members support each other mutually. We have many opportunities to voice our opinions in the academic environment, alongside active and experienced activists.

Our mission is to build relationships, learn, gain experience, and knowledge!

We are expanding cooperation with the Student Parliament of the Republic of Poland, the Ministry of Education and Science, international entities, the Conference of Rectors of Polish Technical Universities, and the Agreement of Doctoral Students of Technical Universities.

The Forum of Technical Universities is an energetic student organization prepared to represent the student community of technical universities in Poland. Its main task is to defend student rights and prepare projects for students such as POLIgon FUT, the KoKon Competition aimed at Scientific Clubs, the Gala of the FUT Student Environment, and the Engineer – Team Leader.

In our Forum, to ensure constant contact between the affiliated governments and opportunities for discussions on improving higher education, congresses are held five times a year at different universities. During these congresses, there are training sessions for government members from various areas and a Council of Elders where discussions are conducted among representatives of the affiliated student governments.

Throughout the year, various conferences are also held, such as those concerning rectoral elections, organizing mass events, and experts in education quality, aiming to deepen the skills and knowledge of government members.

More information can be found on our website: https://fut.edu.pl


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